Introducing dashboard folders!

Hi everyone, we’re very excited to launch Dashboard Folders, a feature that will make navigating between and managing multiple dashboards easier.

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Written by Kally Pan on Apr 21, 2017

Add Flexibility to Data Visualizations with Widget Options

Beautiful data visualizations grab the eye and focus attention on a specific characteristic of a data set, but small things like axis labels, units, and legends are really important as well. Is the range in days or weeks, are the values in Dollars or Euros? Answers to these questions gives you the information to help contextualize the data set.

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Written by Kally Pan on Sep 23, 2016

The Past, Present, and Future of Business Dashboards

Business dashboards are rapidly becoming an integral part of businesses today. The ability to provide accurate data on the state of the company to business users has made them vital to any data driven decision-making process.

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Written by Kally Pan on Aug 11, 2016

The Terrible Thing About Our Election Maps

There’s a big problem with our recent elections… and it’s the maps. Sure they are geographically accurate, but all the red/blue maps that are rolled out by CNN, Fox News, and countless other media outlets are missing the point: the primary purpose of the map is to show the votes won by the candidates, not the geographic boundaries of the states. For the purpose of showing the weight of votes, the maps typically used are just awful!

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Written by Kally Pan on Jun 08, 2016

The State of Enterprise Business Intelligence in 2016

In recent years, “big data”, business intelligence (BI), and the surrounding subject matter have become pretty buzzy. As a result, there are now an abundance of options for the business owner looking to build effective processes around their data, with niche solutions for every use-case, data source, and application type.

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Written by Rory Gallagher on May 26, 2016

Your Y-axis Might be Wrong…

Representing 2-dimensional data can be a challenge; visualizations like line and bar graphs suffer from a common problem: where do you set the y-axis?

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Written by Kally Pan on May 04, 2016

The One Thing You Need to Make Sales Scientific

One of my first tasks starting out at AppInsights was to help companies set up their sales dashboards. Coming fresh from a PhD program where I spent 7 years on quantitative biology, I was looking forward to using my analytics skills in a new field. So like a good little scientist, I began with a literature search (a fancy word for Googling). Within seconds I’d found dozens of articles with titles such as:

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Written by Kally Pan on Apr 12, 2016

The 5 Most “Hair-Pulling” APIs

Dealing with 3rd party APIs can be temperamental, and no two of them are exactly alike. At AppInsights, we take pride in our ability to delve into their secrets and get the most out of them for our integrations. However, over the years there have been some APIs that have brought fists smashing into keyboards, and cold shivers shooting down spines from the mere mention of their names.

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Written by Cesar Del Solar on Nov 19, 2015

The Tech Corner: Is There a Good Reason to Use JSON-RPC?

The Tech Corner is a series that explores some of the popular technology used in the business Dashboard world. Topics can vary from data formatting, to algorithms. With these articles, we hope to share our point of view on the cutting edge tech used in the industry. Enjoy!

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Written by Cesar Del Solar on Aug 11, 2015